1. Don’t Knock Me Down!

    I love weird things, strange things, odd things.

    But they are only weird, strange and odd to you.

    These things that baffle you make me very happy.

    These things that you even think are stupid give me life.

    If there is one thing that makes me furious it is when people try to ruin other’s happiness.

    Don’t make me blast Icona Pop’s “I love it” In your face.

    Because I don’t care that you don’t understand it.

    I love it.


  3. flawfulbelle:


    the thing i regret the most about getting a tumblr is that suddenly i’m staying up all night on this website instead of staying up all night reading a book

    This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever read.

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    What is out there waiting for us?

  6. oddlyotter:

    blue nebula M78


  8. Just keep going…

    When you start something the finish looks impossibly far. 

    But there is a finish and when you reach it that sense of accomplishment and pride feels so damn good.

    so keep going.

    Every small success fuels the fire for the next one!


  9. i went to a baseball game last night and while i was walking back to my car a younger boy (who was a bit far away) was wearing a blanket as a cape and yelling “I AM LORD VOLDEMORT!” and “EXPECTO PATRONUM!”

    i was going to cast spells back at him but i thought it would freak his parents out if i came running out of a row of cars and jumped the barrier screaming “EXPELLIARMUS!”

  10. unicornsvsdaleks:

    Lil Dinos: Our Human

    These are my dinosaurs. this is about me :P

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    This was seriously the best prank

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    @marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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  14. lunalovecorfe:


    Of course they know.

    [That Vulture article from April 2013]

    People really need to read the article because Mark Ruffalo’s response was amazing.

    He did not ridicule the fans for their slash art. He didn’t say they were gross. He instead GOT EXCITED and praised them for being so creative and taking the characters to heart and running with them.

    Also, ugh those fucking two they are so cute

    Where can I get one?

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